5 Key Areas That Separate Average and Great Dealerships
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Gordon Ramsay of the television show Kitchen Nightmares exposes some of the worst restaurant practices, leadership skills, and building conditions. Unfortunately, many dealerships are cooking up and serving as many unproductive activities and images as those seen on Kitchen Nightmares.

When we started in the consulting industry, our mentors warned we would discover a large number of substandard dealership practices, management policies, and building images. In 10 years, we have not been disappointed.

In the same 10 years, we have seen some of the best looking and organized operations. Th ey have openly shared their sensible policies and best practices. The employees are excited and engaged in the company. When employees care, customers can feel it.

Coming from a forward-thinking, well-run organization, a type of dealership that made decisions based on business reasons and not emotion, you believe every dealership is operating under the same guidelines. We liken this to being raised in a conservative family in a small town. With a move to the urban area, there are things going on most of us would never imagine. We thought Hollywood made up crazy things just to sell television shows and movies. Turns out, not everything is fiction, that some of what we see is real. In dealerships throughout North America, we also see some crazy things and the unusual occurs somewhere nearly every day.

What makes a dealership shine brighter than the rest? Based on findings of WEDA’s Dealer Institute consultants and trainers, the following list separates high-performing organizations from average or underperforming dealerships.


Western Equipment Dealer Magazine Spring 2019 Issue
By Trent Hummel

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