There is real value to dealers in an outside perspective on how to improve processes, management practices and increased financial aptitudes. We can help by providing a comprehensive review of your organization’s structure, processes, financial position and management practice.  We’ll walk you through your specific areas for improvement.  Though a comprehensive verbal debrief, written executive summary with a suggested action plan, you’ll see a return on your investment. Our team of industry experts can provide an analysis of your entire dealership organization or just a single department within your dealership. We’ve established a stable of trainers who know the equipment dealer business and available to provide guidance and counsel to your management teams.   Dealers told us they want to learn from their peers who have “done it” and been successful.  To qualify to be part of the Dealer Institute group of trainers:
  • Must have a proven track record of being a successful dealers or dealership leader themselves with the ability to help instill the best practices and knowledge
  • Be able to assess your unique operational, financial or management issues and help you develop a business improvement plan that is focused on improving profits and market share, reduce your exposure on regulatory or manufacturer related issues, and further your organizations ability attract and retain quality staff and lifetime customers.


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More than 125 years of industry experience.


Always looking for new and innovative ways to impact our industry and your bottom line.


As a non-profit, we are focused on your success over profitability at your expense.


Often times the outside validation and facilitation of strategies and implementation practices has a much better buy-in rate with your leadership and staff when the message is not coming from within the exiting organization.  Work with one of our specialists to review and validate your unique direction for your dealership.  Together we’ll develop a communication and implementation strategy that will yield stronger buy-in on methods and practices that will help you save time and improve efficiencies.


Through relationships with experts, we can help dealers address key areas to improve processes and increase efficiencies and profitability. Our subject matter experts evaluate dealer information to assess the health of a dealership from a financial, operational and management perspective.