Designed to provide real-world answers to today’s business challenges. Courses are produced by the Dealer Institute, a division of the Western Equipment Dealers Association (WEDA) — Your trusted advisor with more than 125 years helping equipment dealers like you with unbiased solutions.

On-Site Consulting Services

Through our extensive group of industry specialists, we can help dealers address key area to improve processes and increase efficiencies and profitability. Our team of experts evaluate your organization and information to assess the health of a dealership from a financial, operational and management perspective. Analyzing your specific scenario allows the team to develop custom solutions that are unique to your dealership, helping maximize your return on investment.

Peer-To-Peer Events & Training

Inspiration for your operation can often come from other dealers who are running into similar situations in other markets. We bring together groups of dealers to achieve excellence and to create a way to help one another through open communication, in a safe environment, with accountability so everyone can achieve improved profitability.

On-Site Training and Workshops

If you have a specific need for on-site training for your dealership(s), we will customize a program specifically for you, delivering operational excellence right to your own doorstep.

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