Corporate accountability – Fact or Fiction?
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Corporate accountability is a FACT when monitoring the technical performance of the dealership, but mostly FICTION when applied to people performance. The ironic fact is that people drive the success of a dealership so it just makes good sense to apply accountability systems to improve people performance. Right?

Before continuing our discussion on how to implement accountability, please allow me to vent. One of the more frustrating and depressing experiences of being a consultant/trainer is spending hours preparing and delivering content and then being told, “We just didn’t schedule the time to implement what you taught us.” FACT: What a waste of time and money. FICTION: Thinking what was taught was going to work by itself.

Who is at fault here, me, WEDA, or company leaders? I’m reminded of an onsite consult with a dealership after two of its employees attended a WEDA course. The president complained that his employees didn’t report what they had learned… and he blamed WEDA. You can guess his response upon asking him if he asked the employees what they brought back to the dealership.

Let’s visit the technical track of your dealership. Do you devote time each month to review performance data of each of your stores? I bet you do. Why? Stupid question, right? You have to monitor performance so you can implement corrective actions as dictated by the data. So, if Store A’s budget is out of whack, are you going to let it go or take action to correct the situation? Again, I think I know the answer.


Western Equipment Dealer Magazine Spring 2020 Issue
By Larry Cole, PhD

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