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What do you need in your business?

Are you interested in engaging your employees in a fast-paced dynamic learning management system with bite size training videos designed to drive change fast?  These short, high impact videos from our On-line Campus library average approximately five to ten minutes in length and enable you to easily create a unique training path for each employee.  The videos focus on:

  • Business skills including leadership, communications (e.g. soft skills), financial, customer service, and decision-making
  • Workplace compliance (e.g. safety, harassment)
  • Software skills (e.g. Excel, Word, G-Suite)

There is a brief test at the end of each video to assess comprehension. You can easily track as well as measure each employee’s progress and development.


  • Purchase a subscription.
  • WEDA assigns unique passwords to each of your employees.
  • WEDA delivers an on-site Group Employee Training session program overview and implementation
  • WEDA provides highly focused training curricula.
  • WEDA provides employee incentive ideas and recognition tools to build and sustain training momentum.
  • WEDA provides ongoing support: WEDA staff are available to you to answer questions and to help you and your employees in achieving results with the campus. We're all in this together!

 Engaging Features

  • Content that makes a difference!
  • Short courses that can be completed at your desktop 24/7.
  • In addition, content is downloadable to iPods and other hand-held devices. Fun, engaging and easy.
  • Tracking and testing that enables you to follow employees' progress

Are You Ready For …

A training program specifically designed for Association members' employees? And, highly focused training that delivers high employee business impact? One that:
  • Develops high-impact leaders who will help you grow your business.
  • Retains your best people by investing in their future to help them better serve customers in a welcoming and safe workplace.
  • Builds and sustains customer loyalty with consistent and positive interactions.

Proven Results …

Real companies similar to yours have shown outstanding results by investing in this training. One company with 175 employees got these targeted results over an 18-month period:

  • Increased sales and profits.
  • Reduced product returns by 10 percent.
  • Improved customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Reduced employee turnover by 33 percent.
  • Reduced training costs.
  • Improved compliance with state and federal laws.
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