Crazy dealership stories – If you think your dealership is bad…
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IN THE SPRING issue of Western Equipment Dealer, I wrote about “5 Key Areas that Separate Average and Great Dealerships.”

After a dealer friend read the article, he asked what odd or funny things have trainers for WEDA’s Dealer Institute experienced in dealerships. Following are a few of the things we’ve encountered.

Hot and heavy
There was a deal being quoted by multiple dealerships. The customer stopped in to visit with one of the quoting salesmen. The salesman was not in. The dealership’s owner steered the customer into his office.

The owner said, “We will beat the lowest quote you have by $10,000 but you have to show me the quote.” The customer said that sounded like a good deal. He would show the quote but only if he could hide who the low quote was from. The dealer agreed. The quote was shown. As agreed, the owner drafted a sales contract for $10,000 less while the customer wrote a check.

After signing, the owner asked if he could see who the low quote was from. The customer decided he could since their deal was done. As the quote sheet was shown, the owner realized the quote was from his salesman.


Western Equipment Dealer Magazine Summer 2019 Issue
By Trent Hummel

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