Public Courses

The purpose is to provide a structured dealer-centric professional development learning tract that grows personnel over time with accountability, while improving various dealership skill sets and business acumen helping dealership increase profitability, reduce expenses, and retain quality employees and customers. Our Instructor led courses are the most powerful way to make long-term behavior changes in people that will impact their ability to improve the dealership’s operational, financial and management cultures is to put them in a systematic, curriculum based professional development training program with measured accountability.  DI’s Instructor led courses are intimate, interactive development programs led by industry experts who instruct, but also engage the students in a participative environment where dealership staff learn as much from each other as they do from the instructor.  Learning tracts offered cover a variety of topics from wholegoods inventory management, aftermarket development, dealership management and developing “people-smart” leaders who have the ability to attract and retain quality employees.
Dealer Institutes systematic, curriculum based courses provide the best of both worlds:
  • The best learning environment because students learn real-world, practical application of dealership business practices (not just theory) by DI’s qualified equipment dealer-specific instructors. Many of which, are dealers or dealership leaders themselves!
  • Because our public courses are capped to only 25 students,  students build life-long relationships with their fellow dealers who represent a variety of brands and dealership sizes throughout North America, who provide unique business perspectives of their own.

What Differentiates the Dealer Institute?

The Importance of a Total Dealership Approach

What Does It Mean to be a Leader?