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You only have 24 hours

As many of you know, time is one of our most precious and expensive resources. Calculate how much it costs the dealership to keep you employed per hour. Then do the same to determine the cost to run the dealership per hour. Research suggests that we lose 25 – 30...

Surviving in a Toxic Family Work Environment

Let’s begin by stating that the senior leaders of a dealership are responsible for creating a workplace culture that fosters high morale and productivity. Having said that, there are both family and corporately owned enterprises that fail to live up to this...

Financial Management and High Performance

“A successful dealership is like a successful sports team – not only should the manager be keeping his/her eye on the ball, but so should each team member.” The above is from Kelly Mathison’s article in the 2018 spring edition of Western Equipment Dealer and it’s...

The Family Business – Fun or dysFUNctional?

Looking back on 2017, I found it was an interesting consulting year. Family issues sabotaging effective business practices came at me from many directions. Let me share with you many of the family issues I observed. Parents who struggle making business decisions...

Know when to fold ’em

“I just don’t know what to do.” This is a common comment from the calls we are receiving. These calls come from department managers, salespeople, branch managers, dealer principals – every position in the store. The underlying message – they are just lost on what to...

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