WEDA Launches Dealer Institute Initiative
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KANSAS CITY, MO (March 11, 2015) — The Western Equipment Dealer’s Association (WEDA), an international trade association representing more than 1,000 equipment dealers, has announced their launch of a new full-service educational, training and consulting initiative available to dealers now.

The first-ever of its kind, the Association’s Dealer Institute will be the trusted resource for dealers looking for a business development partner to help them excel and prosper in an ever-changing business environment. The Dealer Institute will be a resource where dealers can benefit from programs that are entirely dealer focused, helping them tackle business challenges facing their organizations.

WEDA CEO John Schmeiser shared, “For over 125 years, dealers have trusted the Association to be the industry’s advocate and provider of solutions. The Dealer Institute isn’t just an expansion of current services, it’s a comprehensive reorganization of the educational arm of the Association.” The Dealer Institute will deliver a wide range of dealer development solutions and access to fresh perspectives from a variety of experienced operations trainers and consultants. Schmeiser added, “While the Institute will provide classroom training for dealership personnel, host industry summits, and provide on-site consulting services for all departments, the key focus will be on developing solutions within emerging business markets, where there has been little development and infrastructure within the industry.”

One of several immediate benefits of the recent merger [between Canada West Equipment Dealers Association and the SouthWestern Association] was the ability to capitalize upon and further develop what each association was doing well and to provide offerings of both organizations over a broader base of dealers. “It’s very important that all dealers have access to the same quality programs, services and support. The solution was to reorganize both organizations’ education and training efforts. The intended goal is to develop additional relevant offerings in an affordable way that will focus on a dealer’s bottom line and provide real-world solutions, while helping them make continuous improvements. The Dealer Institute is that solution,” says Cory Hayes, Vice President of Training and Education for WEDA. According to Schmeiser, “The WEDA Board of Directors believed it to be a logical decision to launch the Dealer Institute since the Association has such a strong industry reputation of providing relevant and affordable alternatives to what is otherwise offered today. Our organization’s purpose, our industry knowledge, and portfolio of experts give WEDA an advantage. Frankly, with concerns of a softening business environment, the timing for this launch is perfect. Today, more than ever, dealers and our industry partners need options; a more organized platform of support services is our responsibility.” Revenues earned through the Dealer Institute will be reinvested in additional programs, services and scholarships to help dealers succeed.

Dealers wishing to learn more about services available through WEDA Dealers Institute may contact Western Equipment Dealers Association at 800-762-5616 (in the U.S.) or 800-661-2452 (in Canada).

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