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How would you like to join a group of comparable peers who are dealers committed to your success?  WEDA Performance Groups provide you with a unique opportunity to encourage and challenge yourself and other dealers to achieve success together.  You will be engaged in a highly interactive Performance Group to help you focus on what matters most to achieve your business goals:


  • Reviewing industry trends and insights together
  • Establishing individual goals that align with your definition of success
  • Financial analysis of each other’s business
  • Developing and reviewing your plan to reach your goals with dealers who will be your accountability partners
  • Working together to adjust your plans to exceed your year-end business goals

Peer Group Data Policy

Dealer Management Group

These groups are made up of like-minded, similar size equipment dealerships and their owners/key managers.

What are they

  • 5 to 6 Dealer Organizations…3 to 5 principal/key manager participants from each dealership – CEO/GM, CFO, Corp. Sales Mgr.(s), Corp. Parts, Corp. Service
  • Operate like a Board of Directors providing policy direction, guidance and accountability
  • Focus on discovering solutions and achieving better performance in all areas of dealership operations through idea exchange and goal-setting
  • WEDA facilitator provides data, comparisons and benchmarks© that motivate participating dealers to strive for and achieve improved performance
  • A forum to develop long term relationships
  • A continuing education process that develops leadership and management skills

Service Management Group

Our Service Management Group program is a powerful management tool that enables service managers to meet, share ideas, learn and understand service as it relates to financial performance and increased profitability.

What are they

  • Each Service Management group consists of service managers, aftermarket managers and general managers from the Dealership Management Groups.
  • A forum to develop long term relationships
  • A continuing education process


  • Service and Aftermarket managers become motivated and take ownership of their financial responsibilities
  • Managers develop a mind set that is both goal and action-oriented
  • Gain insight into how other service departments operate, allowing them to expand the vision and potential of their own operations
  • WEDA facilitator provides data, comparisons and benchmarks© that motivate service managers to strive for and achieve greater results


  • Service Departments that have participated in a Service Management Group have enjoyed
  • Increased profitability
  • Improved margins
  • Reduced work order closing times
  • Reduced WIP
  • Improved efficiencies

Performance Group Facilitators


Trent Hummel Trent Hummel

Trent Hummel is a lead trainer consultant for the Western Equipment Dealers Association’s Dealer Institute. He provides on-site training and public courses to improve dealership asset management and business operations. Trent’s 25+ years as both an owner and general manager has provided him with invaluable experience and extensive knowledge in managing and leading dealership operations. His management of inventory (turn, aging and margin) has resulted in rejuvenating stagnant dealerships into extremely profitable organizations.
Prior to cashing out in 2010, his dealership was in the top tier for profitability and equipment turnover. Trent’s unique ability to improve operations with an unwavering commitment to strong inventory control, along with successful sales strategies, has made him one of the most highly sought consultants and thought leaders in the equipment industry. In March 2015, Trent joined WEDA’s Dealer Institute as a subject matter expert, delivering exceptional training and consulting services throughout North America.


Gord Thompson Gord Thompson

Gord began his career with a national accounting firm prior to joining his family’s CIH dealership in 1986. He was dealer principal and general manager of the two store dealership in Saskatchewan until 2014, when he sold it to Redhead Equipment and In 2015 retired from Redhead. As a dealer he served on the board and as president of the Canada West Dealers Association, now part of WEDA. His dealership also belonged to a 20 group throughout that time. In 2016 he joined WEDA’s Dealer Institute as a trainer, specializing in dealership financial management and training dealer staff on understanding and utilizing financial information.


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