Your Dealership Show Room Through Your Customer’s Eyes
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Equipment dealership showrooms have come a long way in the past 15 years. During the most recent “boom years,” many new facilities have been built with attention focused on the showroom and display areas. Kudos to dealers who have paid attention to the details to create an environment that is welcoming, clean, and organized, while maximizing the retail potential for this valuable space. Not all locations have the luxury of a brand-new facility, but that does not mean the space cannot be effective and welcoming.

Customer first impressions

In WEDA’s Dealer Institute Parts Management and Front Counter Sales Programs, we challenge participants to look at their dealership through the customer’s eyes. We provide an easy to use “self-evaluation checklist” to draw attention to allow dealers to focus on the areas such as signage, parking, showroom cleanliness, and display effectiveness. As employees or managers, we may become complacent or overlook things when we walk by them every day. Customers may see things much differently, especially if they only visit every few months to see the same tired old displays or outdated signage.


Western Equipment Dealer Magazine Spring 2020 Issue
By Kelly Mathison

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