Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions continue to be an important strategy for equipment dealers seeking growth and efficiency. However, M&A transactions are complex, infrequent events and it is important to get expert advice from trusted partners. We offer a range of M&A services to support every phase of your transaction – due diligence, deal execution, and integration.


Valuation Services

Equipment Dealer Consulting is a trusted provider of accounting and tax services to dealers. EDC performs experienced and fair valuations for buyers, and sellers or merging partners using industry-standard techniques to value assets, inventory, cash flow, blue sky, and other factors.

Key Valuation Services:

  • Acquisition valuations that buyers and sellers can agree on
  • Merger valuations that ensure all parties are treated the same
  • Tax advise for new entity structure and design
  • Audit and review services for new entities

Legal Services

Seigfreid Bingham is a law firm with more than 40 years of experience serving equipment dealers. SB represents buyers, sellers, or merging partners in all aspects of the transaction including deal structure, due diligence, negotiation, agreements, and closing.

Key Legal Services:

  • Transaction coordination from due diligence through closing
  • Due diligence requests, review and analysis
  • Deal negotiations including structure, buy-sell terms, governance, etc.
  • Agreement drafting, negotiation, and execution
  • Manufacturer approval process

Business Advisory Services

Dealer Institute is the training, education, and dealer development division of the North American Equipment Dealers Associations. DI provides guidance from a dealer’s perspective to dealers navigating a merger, acquisition or divesture.

Key Business Advisory Services:

  • Participate in buy-side and sell-side transaction advisory engagements
  • Deliver client engagements that identify, design, and implement merger, acquisition, and divesture services
  • Offer unique industry understanding of the dealer and manufacturer requirements to facilitate a successful execution

Integration Services

Broadventure is a consulting firm serving the equipment dealer industry with deep experience in M&A integration. Broadventure helps dealers efficiently and effectively integrate the new business into existing operations, including people, processes, systems, assets, etc.

Key Integration Services:

  • Integration playbook including user guide, workplan, and tools
  • Standard workplan including key integration requirements
  • Project management including workplan, issues, communications
  • Cross-functional leadership including buyer, seller, and third parties
  • integration experience and advice


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