What Are They?

Highly focused, goal driven dealer groups (4 to 6 dealers) who build growth plans and hold each other accountable to achieve success

  How You Benefit

  • Establish individual goals that align with your definition of success
  • Develop your plan to achieve your goals
  • Review your plan with your Performance Groups to hold yourself and each other accountable to achieving your goals

John Deere Dealer Performance Groups

Through peer to peer learning, numerous industry leading John Deere dealerships have developed their organizational vision, leadership teams, succession plans and personal leadership skills with Friend Management Systems™. This system provides dealers with a discipline and structure of achieving performance results through peer approval of annual objectives using the 180+ dealer Benchmarks.© Learn more about the acquisition of Friend Management Systems by Western Equipment Dealers Association.

WEDA Dealer Performance Groups

Inspiration for your organization can often come from others who are running into similar situations in other markets. We bring together groups of dealers to achieve excellence and to create a way to help one another through open communication, in a safe environment, with accountability so everyone can achieve improved profitability and work solutions.