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Avoiding the tragedies of leadership

ALL OF US have the potential to be better tomorrow than what we are today, but that transformation doesn’t happen automatically. Consequently, there are categorical tragedies. One tragedy is those who DON’T REALIZE the potential waiting in their bodies to be...

How to explain basic financials to new managers

UNDERSTANDING BASIC FINANCIALS is a common challenge faced by newly hired managers, whether you promote from within the dealership or bring in a new person from the outside. How do you prioritize the immediate training they will need to succeed in their new position?...

Feedback is a gift

THIS TITLE is not an oxymoron. I’m writing this article for two critical reasons: First, feedback is required for us to improve performance. Second, most supervisors cringe at the thought of providing performance feedback to employees. And it gets worse. I’ve talked...

Do your managers and staff think like owners?

AT A DEALERSHIP, just like any business, there are two critical things required to survive: 1. turn a profit 2. generate cash Yes, many other things are important, including customer experience, employee morale, safety, marketing, and branding, to name a few. However,...

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