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Training That Fits Your Organizational Needs

Engage your employees in a fast-paced dynamic learning management system with bite-size training videos designed to drive change fast.  These short, high impact videos from our Online Campus library average approximately five to ten minutes in length and enable you to easily create a unique training path for each employee. A brief test at the end of each video allows you to assess comprehension. You can easily track as well as measure each employee’s progress and development.


  • Content that makes a difference!
  • Short courses that can be completed on your desktop or iPad 24/7.
  • In addition, content is downloadable to iPads and other hand-held devices. Fun, engaging, and easy.
  • Tracking and testing that enables you to follow employees’ progress
  • Exclusively branded campuses allow you to upload and manage your own content

Are You Ready For …

A training program specifically designed for Association members’ employees? And, highly focused training that delivers high employee business impact? One that:
  • Develops high-impact leaders who will help you grow your business.
  • Retains your best people by investing in their future to help them better serve customers in a welcoming and safe workplace.
  • Builds and sustains customer loyalty with consistent and positive interactions.

Proven Results …

Real companies similar to yours have shown outstanding results by investing in this training. One company with 175 employees got these targeted results over an 18-month period:

  • Increased sales and profits.
  • Reduced product returns by 10 percent.
  • Improved customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Reduced employee turnover by 33 percent.
  • Reduced training costs.
  • Improved compliance with state and federal laws.


All pricing is based on the number of users and course package selected. Software skills are available in Advanced and Enterprise packages at an extra cost. Each campus except Enterprise is a shared learning management platform, therefore, no custom requests or requirements are applicable.


  • Purchase a subscription.
  • NAEDA assigns unique passwords to each of your employees.
  • NAEDA provides highly focused training curricula.
  • NAEDA provides employee incentive ideas and recognition tools to build and sustain training momentum.
  • NAEDA provides ongoing support: NAEDA staff are available to you to answer questions and to help you and your employees in achieving results with the campus. We’re all in this together!

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